DENT 2016 happens March 20th - March 23rd, 2016. Early bird pricing ends on September 1st.
Why it’s OK to celebrate great leaders No great technological (or scientific, etc) leaps happen as solo acts; companies and research labs succeed through the efforts of teams, read more
Greatness is talent plus recognition At Dent each year we spend a lot of time breaking down what it takes to be, for lack of a better term, one of the “greats.” Even though it’s not well defined, our society seems to have a pretty good consensus on what it is to be great: we all agree there are some […] read more
"If you are looking to recharge your creative batteries and drive your ideas forward in a productive way, I highly recommend attending Dent." Alvy Ray Smith, Pixar Co-Founder


Who Should Attend?

People who want to become more effective leaders, who value creative reflection, are driven to dent the universe, and seek actively to expand their impact on their work, their passions, and their world.

Does that sound like you?